Established in 2014, MSWL is a leading regional intermodal trucking & warehousing company, providing real-time tracked drayage services. Staffed with industry leading professionals, we have as much experience as any logistics company throughout the world. However, because we are smaller we are able to react faster and provide solutions in a more efficient and effective manner.

MSWL operate with a storage capacity of 14,000 m2 and it is noteworthy that our warehouses are:

  • Termite treated (to minimise the proliferation of unwanted bugs) with proper lightings and Security Systems.
  • Height varies between 3 to 11 Metres.
  • Concrete built and fire resistant
  • Equipped with fire Horse Reels and automated sprinkler system
  • Ability to withstand extreme cyclonic conditions
  • Translucent have been fixed at strategic location in our warehouses to benefit from natural light thereby saving energy.
  • Operating in an established warehousing environment with over 10 years existence, we have inherited best business practices to eventually meet and/or even exceed our clients’ expectations and/or requirement.
  • We are flexible enough to accommodate space of different size within very short notice.