1. What do I need to do to operate at MSWL?

A fully registered company, with BRN and Certificate of Incorporation, MSWL can assist to obtain a Trade License in some cases.

2. Are there any restrictions on imported goods to be warehoused at MSWL?

For the moment, only duty paid imported goods (customs cleared) and locally produced goods are accommodated at MSWL.

3. Are there special arrangements required for the storage of goods in at MSWL?

Goods classified as dangerous, hazardous or perishable, require special storage facilities or must be stored in temperature controlled areas. MSWL operates a Hazardous Goods warehouse since end of December 2014.

4. Is custom supervision required to export goods?

Export of goods have to follow export procedures which are usually tackled by our client’s customs brokers. Alternatively, we do propose such brokerage services in our one-stop-shop umbrella.

5. How secure is it at MFL?

The MFL is a secure area for the storage of goods and operations. Access to and exit from MFL is controlled by security guards and monitored by our 24hrs surveillance system, composed of several cameras placed at different places to ensure full coverage of the area. In addition, security in enforced with fire alarm system, fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, structural steel clad for wind loading of 300 Km/hr.

6. Can I have office space at MFL?

MSWL has a total of 1100 Sqm of office space; fully furnished equipped with air-conditioning, electrical, networking and internet connection facilities.

7. Do we have the permit to store dangerous goods?

Yes we have a permit delivered by the Dangerous Chemical Control Board in conjunction with a Fire Certificate delivered by the Fire Services.

8. Are we insured for our warehouses?

Our warehouses are covered against flood and fire. However, our clients have the responsibility to insure their goods.